Flexible Working Arrangements for a modern and productive workforce

Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) have become part of the modern workplace. They are being globally recognised and adopted by organizations as a tool to increase productivity and to better balance the professional and personal lives of their staff. 

The United Nations strongly encourages staff to use FWA in the Secretariat. Member States have specifically requested the Secretary-General to report on efforts to “enhance the understanding and implementation of the principles of work-life balance and a flexible workforce across the Secretariat.” (GA resolutions 65/247 and 67/255)

FWA Toolkit

FWA Champions

"I started using Flexible Work Arrangements during the opening week of the General Assembly. It turned out to be an excellent way of doing my work and gaining the precious time I would spend in the commute to finish tasks I have been postponing for a while..."

-Zeina, Arabic Translation Services

"Being able to take advantage of our Flexible Working Arrangements has enabled me to achieve a much better work/life balance. With two small children, sometimes having this kind of flexibility is of paramount importance...."

-Jacqueline, Editorial Control Section

"FWA have changed my life in a positive way. I now get to spend more quality time with loved ones because I have a compressed schedule. As a result, I feel more energised during my work week, in completing all the tasks necessary ahead of schedule and feeling a sense of responsibility and fulfilment."

-Kieran, Facilities Management Service

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