Joint Medical Service

The Joint Medical Service (JMS) in Nairobi is concerned with taking care of the health and wellbeing of UN employees and their families. This is primarily an occupational health service, providing a menu of specific health services to several UN agencies funds and programs with operations in Kenya including UNON, UN Habitat, UN Environment and subscribing common services entities in Kenya including UNHCR, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNOPS, UNSOS, FAO, ICAO, IFAD, ILO, IMO, OIOS, UNAIDS, UNDSS, UNESCO, UNIC, UNICRI, UNIDO, UNISDR, UNITAR, UNOCHA, UNODC, UNOMS, UNOHCHR, UNRC, UNRED, UNSEMG, SESG-GLR, UNSOM, UNV, UN Women, WHO, IOM, IMF, World Bank, ATMS and ICC.

The JMS services are offered on subscription by agencies through a memorandum of understanding and structure outlining the Service Level Agreement with UNON. Nairobi is recognized as a regional medical evacuation center for the UN because of the relatively better medical infrastructure in the Eastern and Central Africa Region. JMS offers support to regional agencies who wish to evacuate UN personnel for medical attention in Nairobi. A directory of medical providers (hospitals, doctors, therapists) in Nairobi can be found online.


The following services are available at UNON JMS:

  • Occupational health and safety
    This includes occupational health service planning, preparing and monitoring, Mass casualty planning, preparedness and response for all offices in Kenya, the 24/7 Medical Sitcen (Situation Centre) at UN – Gigiri, the training of security officers and critical staff in basic life support and first aid skills as well as pandemic preparedness planning, implementing public health measures at work place and monitoring of health institutions and service providers. JMS coordinates occupational injury documentation and recording and promotes ergonomics, organizes public health talks including outside Nairobi, champions alcohol and substance abuse prevention in the workplace, conducts stop smoking classes and issues general travel advisories.
    To report an occupational incident resulting in damage injury or disease, log on and complete the UNON incident report form.
    For additional information, visit the UNON Occupational Health page.
  • Medical administration
    Advice on medical benefits entitlements, sick leave certification, liaison with the medical service headquarters on cases of disability benefits and ABCC on cases of compensation is offered. The JMS is responsible for the Sick leave certification for UNON, UN Environment and UN Habitat globally, and provides advice to subscribing common service entities in Kenya on related matters.
    For more information, visit the UNON sick leave procedures page.
  • Fitness for work evaluation 
    The services include Entry Medical, Periodic medical, Exit medical/reassignment, Short term clearance, Certification alone (p17 or Umoja/ Earthmed), clearance on basis of Minimum Medical Review Questionnaire (MMRQ/ MS3), Follow up consultation for those not initially cleared and medical clearance for official travel. For more information, please check UNON medicals online.  
  • Health and wellness program
    JMS role is in proactive health service support to staff and the organization as a whole, emphasizing an approach to prevention of illness through promotion of healthy living, health screening and offering practical solutions to identified problems with the goal to increase productivity at work. This is done through an innovative team approach where individuals are enrolled into challenge teams and become champions of their own health.
  • Travel advice and vaccination service
    Advice on travel health preparedness, vaccination and prophylaxis is provided. Vaccines are offered as per WHO guidelines, malaria prophylaxis, individual travel advice, personal first aid kit, comprehensive trauma kit and first aid kits for official vehicles.
    For more information, visit the dedicated vaccine and immunization and malaria-prophylaxis pages.
  • Emergency medical evacuation service 
    Do you work in the East and Central African regions? JMS, in collaboration with your agency HR, is ready to come to your aid in times of medical emergency. JMS coordinates medical evacuations into, or out of, Kenya including booking for air & ground ambulance, hospital beds and relevant specialist doctors, follow-up with casualty departments, daily hospital follow-up with treating doctors, regular visitation, medical reports back to UNHQ medical service, progress report to HR Partner and liaison with insurance companies on guarantee of payments. JMS will help with organizing blood supply for casualties and where necessary repatriation home.Drop in service; this is a primary healthcare service and offers convenience of quick and easy access to health practitioner right within the work place, saving time and agony of looking for good care providers externally. The service includes Nurse Consultation, Doctor Consultation and Medication at cost. To book an appointment, please call +25 420 762 2267 or email No booking is required for nurse consultation during normal office hours.
  • Staff stress counsellor service 
    The staff counselor provides a wide range of services including Critical Incident Management Service (CIMS), Workplace Mental Health Care, Missions and Field Service Preparedness, Pre-retirement Preparedness Programme, Counseling Consultation, Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Relationship, Development Crisis Counseling, Preventive Counseling Services and Training and Supervision Workplace Staff Outreach Support (SOS).
    To book an appointment with the staff counselor, send an email to
    For addional information, visit the UNON staff counsellor page.
  • UN Cares HIV/AIDS program
    Training, education, guidance, support, and Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV and PEP kit distribution is offered. Prevention activities include provision of mandatory staff orientation training, training and supervision of focal points & peer educators, provision of relevant information and communication materials including inventory of services and resources, PEP kit custodian support and trainings, support under the 3Cs policy, UN+ support group and other care and psycho-social support activities. In addition, the HIV/AIDS prevention commodities and related training, learning and training activities on stigma and discrimination, HIV related technical support to various agencies including updates on UN policies and programme on HIV/AIDS is also provided. HIV/AIDS in the workplace is monitored and evaluated to ensure compliance with UN Cares minimum standards policy.
    For more information visit, UN Cares.


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