Here you will find information about the network of services that you can call on to manage the health-related aspects of the work you do and to care for your personal wellbeing in the area where you are serving in the UN.

 UN Medical Services in established offices of the UN and UN System agencies
When you work in these duty stations or go there on official business you can access the medical services in the location.

> Open the UN Chief Medical Officers Directory

> Open the List of UN Examining Physicians Worldwide 

MSD appoints UN Examining Physicians worldwide in consultation with UN Resident coordinators and WHO Country Representatives of duty stations. UN Examining Physicians are appointed mostly to perform pre-placement, periodic medical examinations (when indicated by relevant ST/AI or administrative guidelines of the respective UN Agencies, Funds, and Programs), as well as to advise the Administration on medical evacuations.

 United Nations sponsored clinics in the field
Basic health services are available to all internationally and nationally recruited staff members of the UN system and their recognized dependants at UN clinics established in locations where the local health services are found to be inadequate.

Specific hours are set at the local level, and a physician is always on call to meet any medical emergencies outside the fixed hours. The medical staff knows the local medical and dental facilities and will coordinate and/or make arrangements with local hospitals to facilitate admissions of UN staff members.

> Open the List of UN-sponsored Clinics
UN-sponsored clinics by country and city with the names of doctors and their email address if available.

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