Reporting of Outbreaks

Following lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and increased global travel, there is a need for enhanced infectious disease surveillance to mitigate the impacts of outbreaks such as Ebola, Zika, and new and emerging pathogens. The new e-Outbreak Reporting Tool (ORT) was developed by DHMOSH to enhance our collective capacity to track, manage, and prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases in field locations. 

This new e-Outbreak Reporting Tool (ORT) is now deployed across all peacekeeping missions and duty stations with UN clinics with immediate effect.

All outbreaks, small or large, affecting UN personnel should be reported to DHMOSH through this portal.

Key features of the e-Outbreak Reporting Tool include: 

  • Real-Time Reporting: The tool enables all UN health care personnel in field locations to report suspected outbreaks of infectious diseases in real-time, allowing for immediate response and intervention.
  • Data Analysis: The tool enables the aggregation and electronic analysis of outbreak data, facilitating the early detection of outbreaks and trends in disease transmission.
  • Reporting: The tool supports seamless reporting of outbreaks to your UN senior management, enhancing communication, coordination, and collaboration in outbreak response efforts. 

For Usage of the e-ORT, please see below: