DHMOSH Public Health Conversation Series

The DHMOSH Public Health Conversation Series is a compilation of informal conversations on health and welness topics between Dr. Esther Tan and invited health experts followed by Q&A with online participants. The series is broadcast live online every month.

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 Nutrition and Healthy Eating with Dr. Deborah Haiat (April 13, 2021) WATCH​ (view presentation slides)

In this pilot episode, find out answers to questions like: “which type of oil should I use for cooking?” and “why is it harder to lose weight as I get older?” Learn why a fruit smoothie isn’t as healthy as advertised on social media, TV, and/or by promoters, and gain a better understanding of what is considered a healthy diet according to ethnicity and religious orientation.

Is Too Much Sitting Bad for Your Health with Dr. Keith Diaz (May 17, 2021) WATCH (view presentation slides)

Is “sitting is the new smoking”? Studies show that prolonged sitting increases your risks for certain types of diseases and early death and maintaining a balanced physical activity level is vital to health and well-being. Find out how you can offset an average of 15.5 hours of sitting opportunities throughout the day.


Sleep Better, Live Healthier with Dr. Ari Schechter (June 17, 2021) WATCH (view presentation slides)

Have you always wondered how sleep actually impacts physical health? Is insufficient sleep really bad for you? Is there really such a thing as too much sleep? Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the connection between sleep and physical health.


Health Effects of Alcohol with Dr. George Koob (July 14, 2021) WATCH

Have you always wondered exactly how much drink is considered "moderate"?  What happens to your body when you drink alcohol?  Can you enjoy alcohol and still stay healthy? Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about alcohol, and what it does to your health.


How to Lose Weight and Keep if Off with Dr. Angela Fitch (September 16, 2021) WATCH (view presentation slides)

Do you think you're fat? Have you tried dieting and exercising but still can't seem to lose weight? Learn everything you've always wanted to know about your body's metabolism and how it responds to diet and exercise so you can lose weight and keep it off.


How to Prevent and Maintain High blood Pressure with Dr. Michael Weber (October 12, 2021) WATCH (view presentation slides)

Did you inherit your hypertension from your parents? Does working a high-stress job really cause high blood pressure? Why is salt the enemy? Learn everything you've always wanted to know about hypertension from one of the world's leading medical authorities on the subject.