The Essential Guidebook for United Nations StaffThe Essential Guidebook for UN Staff
This resource provides new staff with essential information and a common knowledge base to facilitate effective work across the Organization.





The United Nations Charter
The United Nations Charter is the treaty upon which the Organization was founded. It was signed by 51 nations on 26 June 1945 and entered into force on 24 October of the same year. Today the United Nations has 193 Member States, which – as such – are bound by the provisions of the Charter. In its essence, the Charter reflects the universal aspirations of the international community and sets out the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Articles 8, 97, 100, 101 and 105 relate to the service of staff members



Serve the World - Join the UN
This three-minute video presents some key facts about the United Nations and the vast range of functions that its staff carry out.



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