Future Workforce Capabilities: Upskilling Opportunities


Learn more about the UN 2.0 Quintet of Change here.


LinkedIn Learning Curated Catalogue



Access LinkedIn Learning in 4 simple steps (for first-time users): 

  1. Go to the LinkedIn Learning activation portal. 
  2. Create a free account with your UN email address.

    Once LinkedIn Learning verifies your email domain, you will receive an email from the system prompting you to create a profile.
  3. Create your profile. 
  4. Start learning!


Coursera Curated Catalogue

In 2023, Office of Human Resources engaged with Coursera - a global provider of online learning courses and programmes - and purchased a limited number of enrolments for United Nations Staff Members. If you are a staff member, you can email learning@un.org for more information on applying for an enrolment. Note that enrolments are allocated on the first come first serve bases. If you are not allocated with an enrolment, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Quintet of Change on the Blue Line

The following list provides references and links to relevant content available through the Blue Line - a learning platform managed by the United Nations System Staff College.

  1. Leading through Communication [LINK]
  2. Handling difficult conversations [LINK]
  3. Courageous Conversations (tool) [LINK]

N.B. Specialised curriculum on Data is not part of the subscription

The E-Learning Path on Data Analytics is available on the BlueLine platform, but it is not included as part of the standard subscriptions. The learning path consists of 10 thematic modules designed to enhance UN staff knowledge and skills in data analytics. Examples and cases are very much tailored to the UN context.

The 10 modules included in the programme are the following:

GUIDE course with general info [LINK]

  1. Data Fundamentals [LINK]
  2. Data Science Project [LINK]
  3. Data Exploration and Analysis [LINK]
  4. Data for Decision-making [LINK]
  5. Data Visualization Part 1 [LINK]
  6. Data Visualization Part 2 [LINK]
  7. Data Storytelling [LINK]
  8. Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics [LINK]
  9. The Science of Predictive Analytics [LINK]
  10. Applying Predictive Analytics [LINK]

Exclusively available to Blue Line corporate subscribers, UNSSC also offers an Integral Learning Programme on data analytics. This comprehensive solution combines accelerated applied learning for high-priority learners with wide-spread access to self-paced learning to all staff across the organization. It includes 10 live interactive webinars, as well as a mentoring program where high-priority learners can work on a case study or a job-related assignment in data analysis, visualization, or predictive modeling.

The Integral Learning Programme entails the following:

  1. Enrollment of 40 participants in the UN Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Organizations can choose to participate in either the spring or fall semester editions, or as a stand-alone cohort exclusively for their staff.

Full access to the E-Learning Path on Data Analytics for all staff within their organization. This access has no expiration date and is subject to the continued corporate subscription to Blue Line.

Innovation for Impact Learning Path, It includes the following modules:

GUIDE course with general info [LINK]

  1. Introduction to Innovation [LINK]  
  2. The UN Innovation Toolkit [LINK]

NEW: Redesigned UN Innovation toolkit for the Blue Line (upcoming).

NEW: Strategic Foresight Learning path. It includes 4 modules (upcoming).

  1. Systems Thinking Part 1: Concepts and Components [LINK]
  2. Systems Thinking Part 2: Advanced Concepts and Tools [LINK]