Mission Readiness and Wellness Programme

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For most people, undertaking a field assignment is an exciting prospect, a chance to get away from the routine of life into the unknown. Work in the field can be personally and professionally rewarding, but comes with several different risks. Some risks are related to security and the physical demands of a mission, but many are emotional and psychological. The better you can anticipate and prepare for these risks, the more likely you are to be successful in the field.

Good preparation is essential if you, and your family (if they accompany you), are to be able to function effectively in a new environment, new culture, and new living and working conditions. This is particularly true of a non-family mission assignment where you may face a greater risk of involvement in traumatic incidents than you have encountered in your work thus far. In addition, your family needs to be prepared to function well during your absence and to readapt to your return.

Unchecked, stress affects not only personal morale and individual performance, but also organizational effectiveness. When the effects of stress are unrecognized and become negative, both personal and professional performance suffers. For all these reasons, when starting a challenging work assignment, it is important to realize that stress will be present in various forms throughout the mission.

Psychological wellness for you and your family is important across all phases of a field work assignment. This includes pre-deployment, deployment and work in the field, and when returning from mission. The information on these pages will help you in all phases of your mission.

         Before your assignment                         During your assignment                         After your assignment






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