Your career at the United Nations is made up of the jobs you undertake, the experiences you gain, and the personal and professional fulfilment you achieve along the way. The wide range of functions and mandates at the United Nations offers staff many opportunities and potential career paths.

Career Path

Your unique career path is based both on your professional aspirations and your previous and future career decisions. The Organization supports you with a range of resources to help you plan and implement your career decisions. Click here for the career workbook, which contains tools to help you identify your career goals and create an action plan. Click here to find out about the actual experiences of UN staff members which illustrate the many different kinds of career paths that can be taken.

Career development

There are many ways you can develop your career and fulfil your professional aspirations. Options include availing of the career coaching provided by the Organization, entering a mentoring relationship, arranging for job-shadowing or cross-training or taking up other learning opportunities.

Relocation support

Moving around the Organization can be one of the most enriching experiences in your professional life. To help you decide which location might be right for you, see our comprehensive suite of duty station guides as well as our handbook on spouse employment. To assist you in making the move itself, click here for a relocation check list.

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