The United Nations has several learning programmes that are mandatory for all staff to ensure familiarity with key regulations, rules, and processes. Here you will find a list of which programmes are mandatory for all staff, regardless of their level, duty station or function, as well as those that are mandatory for staff carrying out certain functions, or certain groups of staff (e.g. staff travelling on official business or moving to a filed duty station). You are responsible for checking the requirements and ensuring you are up to date with mandatory training. If you are not sure what applies to you, contact the staff development/learning/training office or an HR Partner at your duty station for more clarification. Staff deploying to the field will be notified about pre-deployment training.

The Organization requires that all staff members take the courses listed in the first section below. In addition to these, other courses are required for certain groups of staff as laid out in the subsequent sections. These courses are accessible in various ways. Some are only available online through inspira, which is also the easiest way for tracking and recording completion of mandatory courses.  To register log into inspira, go to Main Menu – Self-service – Learning – My Learning.  

If you have already completed a mandatory learning course* via another website or in a UN agency, fund or programme, you may upload the certificate onto your inspira account via the Contact Us link by following the steps under the category e-learning enquiry – Management of content subcategory – and indicate in the free text area the description of the inspira course taken and that you wish to update your learning record (please ensure to list the inspira course name and LMS number) and then follow the procedure for attaching your certificate.

If you do not have an Inspira account that can be accessed with your index number, all self-paced mandatory learning is available through, whether you are or are not a staff member. Please scroll to the bottom table for more information and instructions.


 Mandatory Courses for All Staff Members

Course Name Direct Link / Contact Modality / Mandate

Registration through Inspira:

LMS-3395 (English)
LMS-3396 (French)

LMS-4019 (Arabic)
LMS-4020 (Chinese)
LMS-4021 (Russian)

LMS-4022 (Spanish)

Online learning programme.
Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse by United Nations Personnel – Working Harmoniously

Registration through Inspira:
LMS-2965 (English)
LMS-2966 (French)

Online learning programme.
HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Orientation Programme2
Registration through Inspira:
Online learning programme.
Ethics and Integrity at the United Nations Registration through Inspira:
Online learning programme.
Information-Security Awareness Foundational Registration through inspira:
Online learning programme.
Refer to Memo from USG DM to Heads of Departments and Offices of 7 March 2015
United Nations Human Rights Responsibilities3 Registration through inspira:
LMS-2302; LMS-2299
Online learning programme. 
I Know Gender

Registration through inspira:
LMS-2375 (English)
LMS-2376 (French)
LMS-2377 (Spanish)

Online learning programme. 
Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel Registration through inspira:
Online learning programme.
Preventing Fraud and Corruption at the United Nations

Registration through inspira:

Online learning programme.

Basic Security in the Field II and Advanced Security in the Field will only be valid for mandatory training compliance until 30 June 2019. Staff are to take BSAFE to replace it.
The programme is available online or as a half-day instructor-led programme. Completing either version of the programme meets the requirement outlined in ST/SGB/2007/12.

LMS-2234 is equivalent to LMS-2299/2302, therefore staff who have previously taken LMS-2234 are not required to re-take the United Nations Human Rights Responsibilities course.

 Mandatory Training for all supervisors

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Performance Management and Development Learning Programme for Managers and Supervisors.

Registration through inspira:
LMS-3281 (Online)

LMS-1090 (Live Instruction) (Only available in select locations)

Online learning programme (LMS-3281)

In-person programme (LMS-1090)


Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel: Managers and Commanders Registration through inspira:
Online learning programme.

 Mandatory Training for YPP Staff (P2 level)

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
YPP Career Support Programme Contact for information and registration. In-person, 5-day programme
Refer to ST/SGB/2011/10, para 4.2.

 Mandatory Training for Staff Members at D1 and D2 levels

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
UN Leaders' Programme (replaces the former Leadership Development Programme LDP) Contact for information and registration. Blended learning.
Refer to A/61/255, Para 301.

 Mandatory Training for Staff Participating in Interview Panels

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Competency-based Selection and Interviewing Skills

Information available here.

Contact for inquiries or information.

Online as of June 2020.

Manual on Staff Selection System (Inspira manual) and AI/2016/1 Section 7.4.

 Mandatory Training for Staff Members in Procurement

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Procurement Suite4 Online learning programmes.
Refer to A/RES/62/269 on procurement reform.

The Fundamentals of Procurement; Ethics and Integrity in Procurement; Best Value for Money; Overview of the Procurement Manual 

 Mandatory Courses for all Staff of DPKO, DFS and Field Missions led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Information Sensitivity in Peacekeeping Registration through Inspira:
Self-paced Learning Activities

 Mandatory Courses for all Staff arriving in a peacekeeping mission

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Mission-specific Induction Training Contact the IMTC/Training Focal Point in the respective mission for information. 3-5 day instructor-led programme held at the respective mission. Refer to Code Cable 0632 of 20 March 2009 from USG DPKO to Heads of Field Operations.




 Mandatory Courses for Staff arriving in a duty station where SSAFE is a training requirement

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE)7 Contact Mr. Jacques Legros at for information. This instructor-led in-person course is designed to achieve a global standard for UN staff operating in high-risk environments. Refer to Security Policy Manual, Framework of Accountability for the United Nations Security Management System, Chapter II, sections Q.28, P.6. and P.9.

SSAFE is a security risk mitigating measure. Successful completion of SSAFE prior to deployment/or when mandated is a requirement established by the Designated Official depending on the security situation in a particular country.

 Mandatory Training for Staff deploying at DPKO-led field missions up to/including D1

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Civilian Pre-deployment Training (CPT) Contact CPT Team at for information Blended learning programme (9 hours e-learing + 5-day residential course held at RSC Entebbe, Uganda. Refer to Code Cable 1006 of 14 May 2012 from USG’s DFS & DPKO to Heads of Field Operation.)

 Mandatory Training for newly appointed Senior Leaders in Peacekeeping Operations at D2, ASG & USG levels

Course Name Direct Link /Contact Modality/ Mandate
Senior leadership Programme (SLP)8 Contact Mr. Ettore di Benedetto at for information 5-day residential programme.
Refer to note of 4 February 2005 from DSG to ASG DPKO.

To be taken within the first 6 months of employment 

United Nations Secretariat staff members should access all self-paced courses through the inspira LMS, so that their learning records are updated correctly. Consultants and other personnel as well as non-Secretariat staff can access these courses through the following host websites:

Course Name External Website
Mandatory Courses for All Staff Members 

As of January 2021, anybody can register to mandatory learning via using both organizational or personal e-mail accounts.

Instructions can be found here.

Overview of the Procurement Manual Procurement Training Site
BSAFE DSS Training Site (also available on
Key pages: