Welcome to the Investigators' Toolkit



Welcome to the Investigators' Toolkit

What is the Investigator’s Toolkit?

The investigator toolkit is a series of pages for UN lay investigators, specifically those appointed to conduct investigations regarding alleged prohibited conduct, such as harassment, discrimination and abuse of authority under ST/SGB/2019/8 (“Addressing discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and abuse of authority”). The pages include a refresher on the training received, things you need to know, templates and links to useful documents.

It aims to refresh and keep up to date the knowledge investigators need but does not serve as exhaustive guidance.

This toolkit does not confer, impose or imply any new rights or obligations other than those contained in relevant United Nations regulations, rules and issuances.  


How do I use the Toolkit?

Click on any of the items in the Investigator’s Toolkit Index to find information on the various topics. You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab helpful. One item on the index is Templates which contains all the templates created to support you in your role (you will have been provided a password to access these documents as part of your training. If you do not have this password or have forgotten it, please contact the Administrative Law Division). You will find the relevant templates mentioned at the bottom of each page in a Useful Templates section so do not forget to scroll down. Another section is “key resources” which links to the formal documents (SGBs, AIs) which govern this area of work of the UN as well as useful documents such as a list of the most commonly relevant acronyms.