Actions you need to take for travel clearance and while travelling

Verify the date of your last full medical examination.
You may require a full medical examination before departure on official travel if your last examination was performed more than two years ago, regardless of your age and the duration of the travel. This is particularly important if anything about your medical status has changed. It allows Medical Services to ensure that you receive the most appropriate advice and that medical fitness can be determined by reference to your health status, occupation and the general conditions at the duty station where you are going.
Contact the Medical Service at a minimum of two weeks before travel and preferably a month before official travel to have a vaccination plan developed and implemented prior to travel. 
Please do not leave pre-travel visits to the Medical Service (especially the first one) to the last minute.
Once cleared, and depending on the destination(s), your vaccinations will be reviewed and updated as necessary.
Depending on your destination, you may also be given a travel kit, malaria prophylaxis, and a briefing about local health risks and how to minimize them.
If you are advised that you will need to complete a vaccination series while travelling, or if you feel unwell while at your destination, go to the nearest UN Medical Service, dispensary or clinic.
When you return from official travel, report to Medical Services any illness or accident you may have had during your mission.
Make a post-mission appointment with one of the doctors if you feel unwell or you were told you had malaria or were suspected to have malaria.

 Travel clearance facilities in New York

UNHQ Medical Services
SECRETARIAT Building S-535 (5th floor)
Tel: (212) 963-7080
Workday Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday
During GA: 8:30am - 11:30pm Monday - Friday, 11am-7pm Saturday

DC1 Building DC1-1190 (11th floor)
Tel: (212) 963-8990
Workday Hours: 9am - 5:pm Monday - Friday

UNICEF Building H-5F (5th floor)
Tel: (212) 326-7541
Workday Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Please note that the yellow fever vaccination is provided on Wednesdays at 2:30pm. This is the only vaccination for which you need to make an appointment (call 3-7090), and which is also provided to accompanying family members.

Medical Disclaimer

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