Actions you need to take for travel clearance and while travelling

Before You Leave
Travel Consultation/Clearance: If you need a travel consultation and/or clearance, you can come to the MSD clinic. At this time, we can do a consultation and give appropriate vaccinations for your destinations (such as yellow fever), dispense malaria prophylaxis if applicable, brief you on country health risks and how to protect yourself, and assess your personal health needs for the countries you will be traveling to. Please bring with you your vaccination records if you have them.

**Vaccinations should be given two weeks before travel for full effect**

On Your Return
If you have any health concerns after you come back from your travel, please consult with MSD as we have experience in tropical medicine and treatments, particularly if you have been in a malaria endemic area. 

Malaria is an entirely preventable and treatable disease. We have both malaria testing kits and treatment available on site.


Yellow Fever:

Yellow Fever is a virus acquired from the bite of an infected mosquito. In order to protect you from this severe illness, you will need to undergo an immunisation which is required by International Health Regulations for entering endemic areas with persistent or periodic transmission

The vaccine is effective now valid for life instead of 10 years. Please take your vaccination certificate with you on all travel to Africa and South America as you may not be admitted to some of the affected countries without it. If you have lost your certificate, we can issue a new one if you were vaccinated in our clinic, or if you have proof of vaccination from where you were immunized. 


Malaria is a parasitic disease transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito.  It is a severe, life threatening illness that kills around half a million people every year.

While there is no effective vaccine, you can protect yourself by taking malaria prophylaxis medication, as well as mosquito bite avoidance measures,  such as the use of repellents, using bed nets during sleep, and wearing long sleeves and long pants of a light color. Peak activity for mosquitoes is at night, but you can be bitten at any time of day.


Any further questions should be directed to

 Travel clearance facilities in New York

UNHQ Medical Services
SECRETARIAT Building S-535 (5th floor)
Tel: (212) 963-7080
Workday Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday
During GA: 8:30am - 11:30pm Monday - Friday, 11am-7pm Saturday

UNICEF Building H-5F (5th floor)
Tel: (212) 326-7541
Workday Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

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