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Together mentoring programme


Interested in learning from others? Or sharing your UN story?


The Together Mentoring and Networking Programme can rejuvenate your career outlook. Join today and connect with staff across the UN system through mentoring relationships or networking meetings. 


Mentoring: why try it?

  • Fulfilling conversations

          ​Take an hour a month to share your experiences and feel energized and inspired!

  • Spark your career aspirations

          Reflecting on your career achievements and challenges can give you new ideas.  

  • Develop your management skills

Mentoring requires listening skills, patience and experience with giving or receiving feedback – all top requirements for managers too.


Networking: why try it?

  • Boost your morale

Request meetings with colleagues you would love to chat with - and carve out some professional and social time for yourself. 

  • New insights and perspectives

          Things change quickly; keep yourself updated on what’s happening in other teams!



Click here to register through an 8-minute questionnaire.

If you want to try networking please register as a mentee. 

Email mentoring@un.org to receive programme updates. 

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