Together Mentoring and Networking Programme





Need some new career perspectives?  Want to learn from UN System colleagues? 


The Together Mentoring and Networking Programme connects staff of all backgrounds and levels, giving all of us the chance to learn from each other, reflect and grow.   

Search for a mentor or networking partner of your choice at any time. Our online platform has year-round registration and new participants join each day.  

Mentors and mentees of all levels, job networks and duty stations are welcome.  


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An award-winning programme

Together is a winner!  

The OHR Project Team won a Secretary-General Award in 2020 and the Employee Engagement Award at the 2022 Career Development Roundtable conference. Check it out today!  


Mentoring: why try it?

What will you gain? 

Take part in change!

Mentoring relationships can shift our culture to a more transparent and less hierarchical one.

Mentoring and networking increase civility, staff engagement and productivity.

Hear from participants: