2020 Pilot


How does it work?



Interested in learning from others? Or sharing your UN story?

Together mentoring programme


Introducing Together, an innovative mentoring pilot by DMSPC and ESCAP 

Consider joining - whether you are working at home or in the office! Virtual meetings make it possible to connect.

Registration for mentors: 14 – 28 August
For mentees: 31 August – 7 September

Whether you’re a mentee or a mentor, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Reflect on your career direction     
  • Connect with someone new in the Organization
  • Gain insight and new perspectives


Who should apply?

We need mentees of all levels in these job networks:

  • POLNET: Political, Peace and Humanitarian Network
  • DEVNET: Economic, Social and Development Network
  • INFONET: Public Information and Conference Management Network

And we need mentors of all levels in all job networks, but those in POLNET, DEVNET and INFONET are especially encouraged. 

Additional programme details are available on the 2020 Pilot page.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is typically the pairing of a less experienced colleague with a more experienced one for sharing information about work issues and career goals.