What is included in the Profile?

You will find a set of expectations for an effective UN manager in ten management areas. Included are essential knowledge a manager must have and skills a manager must use.

Why do I need the Profile?

Every UN manager at every level and in all functions is accountable for these expectations. No matter where you are in your management career, the Profile is a tool to gauge your experience and skills in relation to the UN’s expectations for managers and to plan your personal development.

When should I complete the Profile?

It is most helpful when you are first appointed as a manager of others (at any level), when you take on a new role, and when you are planning your development for future roles.

Who can see my Profile?

Your Profile is personal and you choose whom to share it with.

How do I use the Profile?

Download the PDF file and follow the instructions for completing your Profile. You may complete the form on-screen and save it to your own device, or complete it on paper – whichever you prefer. The Profile includes guidance for following up your self-assessment with development actions.

Self-Assessment: Your Profile as a Manager in the United Nations

Profile Categories

Deliver Results: Programme Management
Deliver Results: Managing Your Team
Deliver Results: Managing Your Resources
Deliver Results: Performance Management
Management in the UN Context
Create a Harmonious Workplace
Communicate Effectively
Recruit and Hire
Lead and Manage Change

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