Frequently asked questions about salaries in the Field Service category

What jobs are related to the Field Service category?

Jobs in Field Service category (F-1 to F-7) include specific administrative and operational functions that are required in peace-keeping missions. The recruitment is international.

How is the Field Service salary scale determined and when is it updated?

The Field Service category encompasses a wide variety of occupations requiring a high degree of mobility and willingness to serve under difficult conditions. Comparable jobs in the US Federal Civil service is used for comparison purposes with the Field Service category. The FS base salary scale and allowances are adjusted in relation to adjustments to the same remuneration elements of the Professional and higher categories.

Is the Field Service salary scale global or local?

The UN recruits internationally for the Field Service category, and the salary scale for staff in this category is the same worldwide as approved by the General Assembly on the recommendation of ICSC.

What are the key components of the Field Service salaries?

The salary of staff in the Field Service category is made up of a base salary and post adjustment applicable to the duty station where a staff member is serving.


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