Every UN staff member makes time for learning with the goal of at least five days per year dedicated to activities that strengthen your skills and knowledge. Guidance for planning your learning efforts is found here.

Complete all mandatory learning courses as your first priority.

Align your individual development plan with the priorities of your work plan. Some questions to think about and discuss with your manager are:

  • How am I progressing with developing my competencies?
  • What can I do to make my work more challenging? To make a larger contribution?
  • What kinds of developmental assignments will enrich my professional experience and allow me to get deeper into the work of our unit?
  • Are my career development goals realistic? What additional skills would enhance my portfolio?
  • What type of formal or on-the-job learning would I benefit from?

Teams can benefit from a joint approach to learning that will strengthen the skills and results of the unit. Some questions to think about and discuss as a team are:

  • Are there changes in the mandate that require us to operate differently?
  • Do we need a check-up on our relationships with clients and stakeholders and how we are providing services to them?
  • What developmental assignments can team members undertake?
  • Would different approaches to communication or conflict resolution strengthen the team?
  • Do we have the language skills to present and write effectively?

Commit individually, and as a team, to taking actions to achieve the learning goals you set.

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