What is the Manager’s Toolkit?

The toolkit is a series of pages on the HR Portal that are designed to be “just-in-time” self-study resources for UN managers. The pages include things you need to know, links to learning programmes, other UN web pages and in some case, links to free external resources.

Find resources by selecting topics from the Manager's Toolkit Index below.

Who should use it?

All supervisors and managers who are responsible for managing the work of others—across the Organization, all levels, all functions and roles.

When do I use the Toolkit?

Use the Toolkit when you are first appointed as a manager of others, when you take on a new role, when you are planning your development as a manager, and any day of your managerial career when you need just-in-time information and resources.

How do I use the Toolkit?

Click on any of the items in the Manager's Toolkit Index to find information on the various topics.

Or start with Your Profile as a Manager. Download the profile to your computer and use it to self-assess your experience and skills in relation to the UN’s expectations for managers.  You can use it to create a personal development plan and determine which of the other Toolkit resources you need most.

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Be sure to do your Manager-Self-Service training

And remind your staff to do their Employee Self-Service training


Manager's Toolkit Index

Deliver Results: Programme Management
Deliver Results: Managing Your Team
Deliver Results: Managing Your Resources
Performance Management
Management in the UN Context
Create a Harmonious Workplace
Communicate Effectively
Recruit and Hire
Lead and Manage Change


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