What is a continuing appointment?

A continuing appointment is an open-ended appointment granted to eligible staff members on the basis of the continuing needs of the Organization.

Who is eligible for a continuing appointment? 

Staff members recruited upon passing a competitive examination are granted a continuing appointment after two years on a fixed-term appointment, subject to satisfactory service. All Professional, Field Service and General Service staff who meet the criteria below, apart from staff in tribunals and National Staff (National Professional Officers and staff in the General Service and related categories) in field missions, will be eligible for consideration for a continuing appointment.

Staff members must meet all of the below listed eligibility criteria by the eligibility date of a given exercise, i.e., for the 2016 – 2021 combined exercise, a staff member must meet all eligibility criteria by 1 July 2021.


To be eligible for a continuous appointment a staff member must satisfy the following eligibility criteria by the eligibility date:

  • Selection through a competitive review process
  • 5 years of continuous service under fixed-term appointments
  • Performance ratings of “Meets Expectations+” for the 4 years prior to the eligibility date
  • Not serving in the ICTY or ICTR
  • Not locally recruited GS or related staff in the field missions
  • No disciplinary measures
  • Have at least 7 years of service remaining before reaching mandatory separation (age  65)

For information on the 2016-2021 Continuing Appointment Review Exercise, please visit Current Exercise.

 Where can I find continuing appointments in inspira?

The review of staff members for a continuing appointment is conducted in inspira. Human Resources reviewers will gather staff member information and review against the eligibility criteria for a continuing appointment. Potentially eligible staff members may, but are not required to, upload supporting information, such as personal actions, selection letters, or screenshots of relevant information, to their record in inspira. The continuing appointment review may be found by logging into inspira with your staff ID and navigating to:   Main Menu >> My Career and Learning >> My Continuing Appointments >> Continuing Appointments


*Note: There is no right or entitlement to a continuing appointment. Continuing appointments are granted to eligible staff members based on the continuing needs of the Organization.