The results for the 2023 LPE have been sent out to all test takers


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Applicants should determine their eligibility and prepare required supporting documentation before the registration period begins. Regarding any questions applicants may have, these should be addressed to the Administrator at the LPE Screening Centres (LPESCs).  Please see more detailed information in the table below:




2024 LPE - Process and Timeline

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Late March 2024

 Announcement of the 2024 LPE results in all six official languages. 

March 2024

May 2024

June 2024

3-21 June 2024


June – July 2024

3 - 7 July 2024

10 - 12 July 2024


July - August 2024

After August 2024

Before September 2024

October 2024



March - April 2025


11. Announcement of results of the 2024 LPE


 Applicants should regularly check their emails and LPE website for updates. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure their email contact information in Inspira is correct, to ensure proper communication.

Frequently Asked

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2024 LPE - FAQs - ENGLISH.pdf

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The 2024 Language Proficiency Exam (LPE) will be based on UN Level III of the United Nations Language Framework (UNLF). It is strongly recommended that candidates familiarize themselves with Level III of the UNLF, in particular:

the overall descriptors for UN Level III (pages 5, 8) and the learning objectives, communicative situations and text types (pages 22-26) in the UNLF Core Curriculum. These are common to all six official United Nations languages and the basis for the LPE in all six languages.

the UN Level III pages in the specific language curriculum (ArChEnFrRuSp) of the language in which you will be taking the exam.

Exam Format 

  • The exam consists of four sections: 1) Receptive activities: Listening; 2) Receptive activities: Reading; 3) Written production and interaction; and 4) Spoken production and interaction.
  • The oral part of the old LPE will be replaced by the spoken production and interaction part of the online exam, and no live interviewers will be involved.
  • Each section is worth 25 points. Candidates have to achieve a minimum of 15 points in each section, and a minimum of 65 points in total to be awarded the United Nations Language Proficiency Examination Certificate.
  • All sections will be completed on the United Nations Online Examinations & Tests System. 
  • The four sections will be divided into two ‘quizzes’ on the platform and candidates will be able to take a break between parts. 
    • Part 1: Listening and Reading (100 minutes)  
    • Part 2: Written Production (90 minutes) 
    • Part 3: Spoken Production (30 minutes) 


Further to Section 3.6 of the Administrative Instruction ST/AI/2021/1, candidates have to achieve a minimum of 15 points in each section of the exam and a minimum of 65 points in total to be awarded the UN Language Proficiency Examination certificate.  Part 1 listening and reading sections and Part 2 writing section of the exam are eliminatory; i.e., candidates who do not reach a minimum of 15 points (out of the possible 25 points) in the listening or reading section of the exam will not have their writing and speaking sections evaluated, and candidates who do not reach a minimum of 15 points (out of the 25 possible points) in the written section of the exam will not have their spoken section evaluated.

LPE contact information
For inquiries from individuals at UNHQ: email
For inquiries from individuals based at other duty stations, please refer to list of participating LPESCs