The United Nations was founded on the principles of the dignity and worth of the human person, proclaiming the right of everyone to enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms, without distinctions of race, colour or national origin. The United Nations Secretariat has consistently recognized the prevalence of racism and racial discrimination in society and played a key role in supporting Member States in developing legal instruments to address this abhorrence.


The Secretary-General recognizes that the United Nations is not immune to the scourge of racism and calls for action to identify, prevent and address racism and racial discrimination at the workplace. To this end, in September 2020, the Secretary-General established the Task Force on addressing racism and promoting dignity for all in the United Nations.


With the vision of an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce at the forefront, the Task Force formulated a Strategic Action Plan and made recommendations to the Secretary-General for action to ensure equal treatment and full inclusion of all United Nations personnel in the implementation of the Organization’s mandates and its activities.

The plan outlines a way forward with concrete actions to transform the United Nations into a workplace where racism is actively addressed, and there is accountability for racist conduct, ensuring a racially diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.


There is much work ahead to root out racism at our workplaces, and real change will not happen overnight. Ultimately, progress towards fulfilling an anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive organizational culture will require unwavering commitment and involvement from all United Nations senior leaders and personnel.

Together all personnel must press forward self-education, conversation, and action necessary to ensure that the United Nations is a workplace where every race, colour, gender, religion, creed, or sexual orientation finds a sense of belonging and safety and is granted an equal opportunity to participate in the activities of the Organization at all levels.





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