Workshops offered at UNHQ and other duty stations – check the local iSeek for notices when scheduled

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Psychological first aid and self care

Staff members learn the basic elements of effective psychological crisis intervention to be able to give a supportive response in a manner that does no harm to a fellow human being who is suffering. You will understand the strategies, principles and components of PFA, identify your strengths and challenges in the area of crisis intervention; be able to recognize the indicators of need for professional intervention; and overall gain understanding of typical reactions to traumatic events to better protect your personal wellbeing. (Four hours, all staff)


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Resilience in the workplace

The ability to cope with adversity and adapt to challenges or change is developed through learning practical techniques to manage difficult emotions, change negative thought patterns and relax the body. You will learn the characteristics and components of resilience based on current research and literature; identify personal strengths and areas for personal growth through exercises and reflection; and develop a personal goal and plan for developing/maintaining resilience. (Four hours, all staff)


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Stress management

Introduces the basic techniques of stress management, learning how to recognise symptoms of stress and burnout and choose the way your body and mind respond to threats and demands, and reinforce your internal stress management capacities. (Two hours, all staff)


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Suicide prevention

Discussion of knowledge about the reasons for and risks of suicide, learning to recognise early clues and what to do to help someone in the workplace who may be at risk. (Two hours, all staff)


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Drug and alcohol abuse

Practical information and appropriate strategies to recognize and handle alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace, including the policy and the importance of proper documentation; why and when mandatory referral is necessary; and how to make a proper plan with a staff member for recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. (Two hours, all staff)

Training information

  • Email or call +1 212 963 7044.
  • Check the iSeek information at your duty station, or inquire with the Medical Service, for the details on contacting the Staff Counsellor serving your duty station.
  • To get information on locating services by a Staff Counsellor in global duty stations, email or call +1 212 963 7044