If Umoja has not been deployed in your duty station, ask your Executive Office or local HR Office about reviewing and renewing current benefits. The HR Factsheets also provide basic background information.

If Umoja is deployed in your duty station, please see the instructions below.

Use the Umoja Employee Self-Service module to review, renew, and certify information related to benefits and allowances. You will be asked to provide information and upload documents. Depending on the benefit or allowance, your Executive Office or local HR Office will carry out certain parts of the process.

Step one

Update any change when it occurs
If there is any change in your life events, make the required change in your personal profile. Check the quick reference documents for common life and work events that require you to update information. Any change in rent or housing while you are receiving rental subsidy must be reported.

> Annual Declaration Instructions
> Change of Marital Status
> Beneficiary - How to record beneficiaries 

> Record Household Member / Dependents: Spouse
> Record Household Member / Dependents: Child (To be added)
> Add a Secondary Household Member / Dependent in Umoja
> Withdraw a dependency request or modify an existing household member/dependency record (To be added)

​> Rental Subsidy: How to submit  rental subsidy for the first time

Additional quick reference documents can be found on the Umoja website.

Step two

Supply documented information to support claims.
You enter the information specific to your benefit request or claim and upload scanned copies of the documentation—such as the expenses for a child’s education or the boarding passes from home leave travel. You have responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the information in the transactions.


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