ONLINE LANGUAGE LEARNING                           

Develop your professional competences by learning an official UN language, improving your communication skills or preparing for the LPE

Are you interested in developing your professional competences? New York, Geneva and other offices design and deliver online language and communication-skills courses in the six UN official languages. 

The majority of courses are offered throughout the year mainly in winter, spring and fall with some special courses running during the summer months from July to September (e.g. LPE preparation courses).

Courses for all six language are delivered by teachers who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of language pedagogy. All teachers hold at least a Master’s degree in applied linguistics (or related field) and have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.

For staff members, see the User Guide on how to register on Inspira. For non-staff members, see the User Guide on how to register on

Learn a UN language 

See the list of online courses in our brochure. Times listed are for New York, please convert to your time zome.