Please download the current schedule of online language courses here.

Are you interested in learning a UN language but need a more flexible delivery method based on your schedule or location?

Our Online Language and Communications skills courses in the six UN official languages may be the perfect fit for you.

The majority of courses are offered throughout the year mainly in winter, spring and fall with some special courses running during the summer months from July to September (e.g. LPE preparation courses).

Courses for all six language courses are delivered by teachers who are recruited both locally and internationally and are highly qualified and experienced in the field of language pedagogy. All teachers hold at least a Master’s degree in applied linguistics (or related field) and have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.

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Increase your social and cultural awareness of the Arab-speaking world by learning the Arabic language. Online courses are available from level 1 (for complete beginners) up to level 4.


Improve your speaking skills and knowledge of China through learning the essentials of communication in Chinese.


Master professional writing by learning to produce clear, concise and effective reports, summaries and emails. Learn about and practice giving presentations. Benefit from the experience of different social media experts and learn how to use social media effectively for your work. We also offer more specific grammar courses to advance your knowledge of English by practising the passive voice, relative clauses, modals, phrasal verbs, past perfect and reported speech. If you are planning to take the LPE exam, webinars are also available for you to prepare.


Learn how to express likes and dislikes at a beginner level. For those more advanced, learn the steps of the UN competency based interview (CBI), or prepare for the French LPE exam.


Increase competency in the Russian language, by developing your speaking skills and expanding your professional vocabulary. Refresh your knowledge of Russian grammar by reviewing the case system and the verb conjugation. Develop your active vocabulary on a variety of everyday topics. Preparation for the Russian LPE exam is also available via Webinar.


Professionals who are tasked with drafting or revising written materials for publication can enrol in our writing course. Reinforce your communicative competence about gender equality (SDG5). If you are planning to take the LPE exam, we offer online learning activities to prepare. Web-based courses are also available at a beginner and intermediate level. Learn to express likes and interests, talk about your daily routine, use the verbs “ser” and “estar” correctly, use past tenses in history and biographies or the subjunctive to give advice.