Language Learning in New York

See the 2021 WINTER TERM COURSE BROCHURE for all 6 languages: you may register for one or two courses - or up to three courses if two of them are 'short' (up to 36 total classroom hours). 

We have good news: We are happy to announce the launch of the first set of language courses completely aligned to the UN Language Framework in a brand new formatThank you for your patience while we continue aligning the rest of our language courses to the new standards of theUnited Nations Language Framework.

*Disclaimer: Safety is our priority: Due to Covid-19, the LCTU will be offering all courses onlineThe main goal is to continue to offer a high-qualityprogramme, targeted to the needs of our clients, and adapted to the current challenging circumstances.

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Meet the teachers working at the Language and Communications Training Unit!

The Language and Communications Training Unit (LCTU) is committed to creating a working environment that embraces equality, inclusivity and diversity, in support of the System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity To this end, the LCTU co-created the Gender-Inclusive Language Guidelines in the six official languages of the United Nations. Please use them and share your comments and suggestions in any of the six official UN languages through the contact form.