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Heads of Entities Responsibility for Performance Management:

The policy on performance management establishes that the head of entity has the primary responsibility for implementation of the performance management and development system in their respective entities. This responsibility includes timeliness, consistency, and fairness of the implementation of the system, compliance, ratings and holding all managers accountable.

See: The HR Policy Portal


Senior Leader Compacts with Secretary-General:

Staff at the ASG and USG-levels have a senior leader compact, which are annual agreements that the Secretary-General signs with his senior-most officials (heads of entities). Compacts set specific programmatic objectives and managerial targets for a given year, thereby ensuring accountability at the highest levels.  For each senior manager, they include key objectives related to the specific mandate of each department and cross-reference the objectives included in relevant budget documents.

On an organizational level, compacts identify strategic goals that are shared by all departments, such as the efficient management of financial resources and the implementation of oversight. Compacts are reviewed annually by the Management Performance Board, which advises the Secretary-General on issues related to the performance of his senior managers.

The Board assesses each senior manager’s performance against the targets set in his/her compact and presents its findings and recommendations to the Secretary-General, who takes action as necessary.

The Board also sends a letter to each senior manager noting his/her accomplishments and shortcomings and publishes the detailed assessment results on iSeek. Each senior manager is asked to submit an action plan to address his/her weaknesses. Innovative approaches are shared with the other senior managers in order to strengthen individual as well as organizational performance.

See Commitments and Results - Compacts/Performance Management - Compacts


Management Dashboard and Performance Management Metrics

The Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) provides management dashboards to provide heads of entities with access to information enabling evidence-based decision-making.

The dashboards have been adapted to the needs of senior management, providing current information on organizational performance and contribute to streamlining and standardizing reporting.

These dashboards leverage business intelligence tools to pull data from enterprise systems and make use of visualizations to illustrate complex data and information in simplified, easy-to-understand charts or images.

The management dashboard includes information for heads of entities to monitor the status of performance documents of staff within their entities, address large spans of control or ratios of mangaers to supervisees and to review ratings distribution. Heads of entities and their identified focal points are provided instructions, guidance and information about how best to navigate and use the management dashboard. To obtain dashboard access, the identified management dashboard focal point in your entity should be contacted.

For more information about the Management Dashboard, please reach out to and consult the Community of Practice space on 18 BTAD Square SharePoint.





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