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Performance  management at the United Nations Secretariat supports the Secretary-General’s vision to create an organizational culture focused more on results than on processes, better manages administrative and mandate delivery risks, values innovation, and demonstrates a higher tolerance for honest mistakes and a greater readiness to take prompt corrective action.

The Secretary-General urged that “we must re-establish trust at all levels and create a culture of empowerment and accountability, ensuring that leaders, managers and staff have the wherewithal to achieve, where, when and how needed, and that the Organization is equipped and ready to support Member States, as they conduct their own work and take collective action. We must value and count on the integrity and hard work of our staff, communicate openly what is expected of them, recognize their performance against clear and fair standards, and ensure that staff skills and competencies keep pace with the exponential rate of technological innovation.” (A/72/492, para. 15)


New Performance Management Approach:

What is new and different? There will be more emphasis on goal management by taking work plans outside of the electronic tool to allow more flexibility for managers and staff members to develop and update their workplan in real-time, to reflect priorities. Formal mid-term reviews are no longer required, making room for ongoing conversations and regular check-ins  that focus on coaching and development as well as performance discussions. Giving and receiving feedback as well as a more collaborative team experiences will be encouraged. Effective people management assessments will be rolled out at senior management level enabling upward feedback opportunities.


Strategic Performance Management

       Important Documents:

Human Resources Overview Report (A/75/540)

Performance Management at the UN - A New Vision

What’s new and different-performance management


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Important documents: