Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and rewards are so important to us as social human beings. Celebrating people brings comfort, builds confidence and provides purpose for those celebrated and the ones who celebrate.  


What is recognition in our workplace? 

It is the act of thanking, acknowledging or praising a colleague for effort, contributions or achievements in our daily work.


Why is it important?

Studies show that global employees feel more engaged and productive when their work is acknowledged and even celebrated regularly. The need for recognition is perhaps greater than ever for those working in a hybrid format. With limited in-person time, giving recognition helps maintain strong relationships and productive teams.





Explore the Recognition and Rewards Framework and the Recognition Guidance for Leaders, Managers and All Staff to learn more.  


Also check out the other materials below.




Important documents:

UN Recognition and Reward Framework

Recognition Guidance for Leaders, Managers and all Staff

Compendium of Good Recognition and Rewards practices in the UN Secretariat

Annual Recognition Initiatives - Design Checklist

Private Sector Recognition and Rewards: A Collection of Examples