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Our performance management process is based on continuous dialogue and feedback and the shared responsibility between managers and staff for planning, delivery and evaluation of work results. Every manager and staff member should know how his/her work-plan links to the section/unit plan and the objectives of their department, office or mission.

We create work plans and appraisals each year through the ePerformance tool in Inspira. The annual cycle begins on 1 April and has the following phases, presented in the visual: work-planning, monitoring and adjusting of work-plans, mid-point review, further monitoring and adjusting and an end-of-cycle appraisal.

On these pages you will find guidance for all performance management stakeholders - staff, First Reporting Officers, Second Reporting Officers, Heads of Department and HR Practitioners on overall performance management and on ePerformance requirements. 


Performance Management Training - now online! 

The mandatory Performance Management and Development Programme for Managers and Supervisors is now online. This programme is mandatory for all staff with supervisory responsibilities. Search for LMS code 3281 in Inspira or click here for more information. 


Changes to your ePerformance documents

As of 1 April 2019, staff will be able to start workplans for the 2019-2020 cycle. You will see some important changes in your documents that you should be aware of.  
View the changes here.


Performance Management Fundamentals
Check out this new 2-minute video on the
UN’s performance management cycle.





Need More Info?

If you have a question about performance management, including about the policy, the ePerformance process in Inspira or training, please contact your HR or Executive Office.

If you have a technical ePerformance question that your HR or Executive Office cannot answer, please contact the Inspira helpdesk. Log into Inspira and click the Contact Us button.



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