UN Memorial and Recognition Fund

The United Nations Memorial and Recognition Fund (MRF) was established by Secretary-General Kofi Annan to assist families of UN civilian personnel killed whilst in service to the UN as a result of malicious acts and  natural disasters.  Dependents of staff members and individual contractors from the UN Secretariat, UN funds and programmes and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) may be eligible to receive a disbursement from the Fund.

The benefit from the fund is a one-time payment per family to the surviving parent or legal guardian, of the staff member’s surviving dependents, equivalent to one-month’s pensionable remuneration at P3 step 6.   The Fund is administered by EPST and applications for the grant are processed through the staff member’s local HR administrative office.

Annual memorials
The Secretary-General convenes a memorial service in New York every year to honour personnel who have lost their lives in service to the UN, i.e. military and police personnel, civilian staff members, individual contractors, and the United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) working for the Secretariat, Funds and Programmes.  The service is broadcast live on UN Webcast - accessible to staff globally, and all staff in the Secretariat and New York offices of the Funds and Programmes are invited to attend.  The date and information on the next annual memorial service to be held in New York will be announced on iSeek.  

Past memorials
View past memorial services, virtual memorials and ceremonies held elsewhere


Emergency Support Volunteers: Family Focal Points, Call Centre Volunteers
A cadre of emergency support volunteers is trained to provide comprehensive support and care to injured staff and families of staff who perish as a result of malicious incidents, accidents and natural disasters. These volunteers have a vital role in the response to crisis and emergency situations when staff and their families need close-by help. Trained staff members’ names are maintained in a Global Roster to be called upon when the need arises.

Family Focal Points (FFPs) are called upon to support survivors and affected families in the event of a critical incident or mass casualty incident as a result of malicious acts, workplace accident or natural disaster. FFPs share information and resources through their Unite Connections community.

Call Centre Volunteers (CCVs) are activated when an emergency situation occurs to respond to high volume of callers seeking information about UN staff and the general situation. CCVs share information and resources through their Unite Connections community.

How to become a Family Focal Point or a Call Centre Volunteer
Staff members interested in becoming a FFP or CCV, should send an email to EPST (epst@un.org) for more information. 

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