You are employed at the UN on the basis of the terms of your appointment. Work at the UN is dynamic and involves a wide range of specialties. Three types of appointments fill the nature of the work and allow the UN to plan and budget effectively for the work to be performed: TEMPORARY, FIXED TERM AND CONTINUING.

Your letter of appointment tells you:

  • The type of appointment you have;
  • The starting date and the time period of the appointment
  • The category of the post (Field Service, General Service, Professional, National Officer) and the level (e.g., FS-7, GS-3, P-2, NO-A)
  • The starting rate of your salary and, if increments are allowable, the scale of increments, and the maximum attainable;
  • Any special conditions which may be applicable.


  • less than one year to meet specific short-term requirements (normally not exceeding 364 days)
  • has an expiration date and no expectation of renewal
  • if surge requirements or operational needs related to field operations or special projects need more time it can be extended for a period not exceeding 729 days
  • cannot be converted to any other type of appointment


  • for defined periods of time of one to five years
  • to perform functions of a certain duration or those that are part of the Organization's regular and continuing activities
  • may be renewed for any period up to five years at a time subject to funding availability, satisfactory performance and the needs of the Organization
  • no expectation of renewal or conversion 


  • has an open-ended time frame
  • granted to those hired through the competitive exams after two years under a fixed-term appointment with satisfactory service
  • subject to the continuing needs of the Organization, those not hired through competitive exams may be eligible for review for conversion to continuing appointment after completing five years of continuous service on a fixed-term appointment based upon certain criteria, particularly mobility and performance.
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