Promoting a respectful work environment 


This page is currently under development and shall be launched later this year. In the meantime, please download the policy and this presentation, which provides an outline of the changes, transitional measures, as well as an overview of staff member obligations and the informal/formal processes.


The Secretary-General’s Bulletin (Microsoft Office document icon ST/SGB/2019/8) on addressing discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and abuse of authority has recently been issued to ensure that all Secretariat staff members and non-staff personnel are treated with dignity and respect.


Obligations of the Organization: 

  • Promote a harmonious work environment
  • Take measures to prevent discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority
  • Develop training/standards to:
    - build skills to respond appropriately

    - raise awareness relating to diversity, respect and equality
  • Ensure that information and mechanisms are accessible to all staff (and non-staff)