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Get help with your UN mentoring journey

The resources on this page can help in your participation in the Together programme.

Please explore them before your first mentoring session, if possible.

You can find more resources on the Together platform.

Handbook for mentees   Handbook for mentors

This handbook provides an overview for mentees on how to approach your participation in the Together pilot; it will help you navigate the mentoring relationship in a structured and effective manner (10min).



This handbook provides an overview for mentors on how to approach your participation in the Together pilot; it will help you navigate the mentoring relationship in a structured and effective manner (10min).


Using the Together Platform

Detailed information on the use of the Together platform is available in the Together Platform Help Center.

Check out these short instructional videos on platform features:






How do you register for the mentoring programme on the Together platform? (7-minute video)



How are mentors and mentees paired via the Together platform?
(7-minute video)


Scheduling   Session Agendas

After you've been paired, you can schedule your mentoring sessions on the Together platform.
(8-minute video)



Session Agendas
This video covers how you can make the most of your mentoring sessions with the use of session agendas.
minute video)

Tracking your Progress    

Tracking your progress
An overview of the tools and resources that you have accessible to you on the Together platform
(6-minute video)






Session Agendas

Session Agendas for mentees



Session Agendas for mentors

For mentees: these session agendas can help you make the most of the meetings with your mentor. You can decide to follow them carefully or to only use the topics that best fit your goals.



For mentors: these session agendas can give you an idea of the topics your mentee might want to cover. Mentees should prepare the exercises/topics for each session, but you can make suggestions.


LinkedIn Learning courses

Mentoring Explained



Mentoring Others

In this short video, Aimee Bateman provides an overview of the value of mentoring, its benefits and how it differs from coaching (LinkedIn Learning - 3min).



Author Todd Dewett shows you simple steps to become an effective mentor. Learn how to agree on a mentoring schedule, provide straightforward advice and more (LinkedIn Learning - 14min).


Being a good mentee   Successful goal setting

In this course, expert Ellen Ensher offers tips on how to develop a successful mentoring relationship (LinkedIn Learning - 55min).



Goal Setting is a key success factor in mentoring relationships. Join Aimee Bateman as she shares her top tips on setting and achieving goals (LinkedIn Learning - 24min).


How to stay in touch with your mentor



Mentorship Agreement

We recommend that you strategize about what you want to achieve during your mentoring experience. The mentorship agreement shows you what the goal and action-planning space looks like on the Together platform. Studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down!


The PDF is not editable; please use the dedicated space on the platform to record your plans. 


Orientation Webinars

Orientation for mentors, TBC October 2021: 

  • Powerpoint presentation (PDF) 
  • Recording of Teams meeting (Youtube)


Orientation for mentees, TBC October 2021:

  • Powerpoint presentation (PDF)
  • Recording of Teams meeting (Youtube)



Best Practices


Cross-cultural mentoring