How to handle a medical emergency in the UNHQ complex

 1)  Immediately call for help

Call 911.  Explain the emergency and provide the address of your location. If you call 911 from a cell phone, you must ask someone to call the Security Control Center or call them yourself as quickly as possible.  This is because all responders will be stopped at the gates until an emergency is confirmed.  Most delays which occur in response are because our security teams need to check the legitimacy of the responders.

Then call the Security Control Center on 212 963 6666 or ext 3-6666. (Keep this number in your mobile phone)

 2)  As the caller, be prepared to give essential information:

 Room number where the patient is and street address of your building / location
What is wrong with the patient – what you can see or the person tells you
Name of the patient
Caller’s name and a contact phone number
Send someone to wait at the elevator to guide the Medical Service personnel to place of accident/illness

For other locations, contact your Security or Medical Service for the emergency numbers and exact steps to take in your location.

Medical Disclaimer