Frequently Asked Questions

I am on temporary appointment. Can I use flexible working arrangements?

If you are a temporary appointee, you can use the flexible working arrangements under the same conditions as staff member on any other type of appointment.

Can I apply for flexible working arrangements while I am on part-time employment?

Yes, the flexible working arrangements are applicable for both part-time and full time employment and require the same approval process.

Am I entitled to overtime, compensatory time off or night differential during flexible working arrangement agreements?

Managers should use judgement and financial prudence when considering approval of overtime, compensatory time off or night differential when staff members are using flexible working arrangements but there might be circumstances when it may be warranted and justified to approve. Though managers should keep in mind that no extra costs may be incurred by the Organization as a result of any of the flexible working arrangements, so request for overtime, compensatory time off or night differential cannot result from a flexible working arrangements.

Can I use telecommuting prior to the start of maternity leave? How long before or after the maternity leave period can telecommuting be used?

Telecommuting can be taken before or after maternity leave provided the nature of your work allows you to telecommute, you meet the requirements and your manager agrees to the arrangement. There are no additional or special restrictions regarding how long telecommuting can last before and after maternity leave.

My manager has approved telecommuting away from the duty station for two weeks. What leave types can I avail myself while telecommuting?

Telecommuting involves performing of work away from the office. While the agreement made before telecommuting will specify deliverables and outputs expected as well as working hours and weeks when the staff member is expected to be available, the staff member can still request any absence types available to an active staff member: annual leave, family visit, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, sick leave, special leave (with or without pay), floating holiday, CTO use.

Can a half day of sick leave or annual leave be combined with a half day of telecommuting or the half day off compressed work schedule?

Yes, provided you obtain your managers approval.

Can I combine telecommuting with R&R entitlement?

The accrual of time towards R&R is interrupted if staff members are telecommuting from outside of their official duty station as they are not exposed to the hazardous, stressful and difficult conditions of the duty station.

How can a manager monitor work during telecommuting periods?

All details regarding the conditions under which the telecommuting will take place must be clarified and included in the designated form “Request for and agreement on working away from the office at the official duty station" (P.314 A4.a)” or “Request for and agreement on working away from the office and the official duty station" (P.314 A4.b). The staff member and the manager should agree on specific time schedule when the staff member should be reachable, outputs, deliverables and meetings in writing.