2022 Programme


How does it work?



















Mentoring programmes are in use at many organizations in the public and private sectors.

Benefits for mentors

  • Supporting a mentee can be personally rewarding
  • Reflect on your accomplishments
  • Reduce isolation during COVID-19
  • Gain new insights and perspectives
  • Mentoring develops your management skills
  • Increase awareness of talent in the Organization

Benefits for mentees

  • Receive feedback from a more experienced colleague
  • Reflect on your career goals and challenges
  • Reduce isolation during COVID-19
  • Learn about positions in other duty stations
  • Expand your network
  • Enhance confidence when interacting with more experienced colleagues


Benefits for the UN

Mentoring relationships can shift our culture to a more transparent and less hierarchical one. Mentoring can also increase civility, staff engagement, and productivity. Let’s connect virtually and move through 2022, Together!


Hear from participants: