2022 Programme


How does it work?



The Together programme uses an online platform to pair colleagues for networking meetings or mentoring relationships.  

Staff of all levels who have at least a few years of work experience are encouraged to try both mentee and mentor roles as we all have knowledge and experience that are valuable to others.

The OHR project team will supports participants through an orientation webinar, periodic support sessions and a rich range of resources on this site and on the Together platform.

How does the programme work?

Read the 6 main steps:



Eligible staff* register by filing out a questionnaire on the Together platform. They choose a mentee or mentor role – or both - and share job profile information and preferences about what they would like to learn or share in networking meetings or in a mentoring relationship.


Mentees search for suitable mentors by exploring profiles on the Together platform and on LinkedIn if applicable. Mentees can request 1 or 2 networking meetings or a mentoring relationship of between 3 and 6 meetings.


Mentors receive requests for networking meetings or mentoring relationships. If they decline or wait more than 3 days to respond, the mentee is notified and can choose another mentor. .


Mentees are notified of mentor approvals and should schedule first sessions. They should come prepared with questions or an agenda. The first session is crucial in establishing a healthy and effective relationship.



Pairs should hold regular meetings – those who meet often fare best! We recommend that you meet every 3 weeks.


Provide feedback. Participants will be asked to provide brief feedback after each session through quick surveys prompted by the platform. The information provided will be visible and used only by the OHR project team. 

Please note that mentees may not be paired right away. Their preferred mentors might have accepted networking or mentoring requests from other colleagues. But mentees can receive updates about the availability status of their preferred mentors. And they can check the site periodically for newly registered mentors.


Click below to learn more about the pairing process: 

*Eligible staff include Secretariat staff and staff from some UN agencies, funds and programmes with Fixed-term, Continuing or Permanent appointments. 

Staff with temporary appointments, consultants, contractors, interns and other types of personnel are not eligible at this time.