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If you are enrolled in the United Nations Medical and/or Life Insurance Group Plan, you may be eligible, under certain conditions, for After-Service Health and Life Insurance or the conversion privilege. These steps provide an overview of after-service health and life insurance for retirees.



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Please note that individual entitlements are dependent on one’s contractual status, duty station, duration of service and category. Staff should contact their human resources focal points about specific situations and entitlements.


If you are enrolled in the United Nations Medical and/or Life Insurance Group Plan, you may be eligible, under certain conditions, for After-Service Medical and Life Insurance or the conversion privilege.  

Please call the Insurance Section (Room FF-300, ext. 3-5811) in advance of your departure, to determine the conditions for participation in the After-Service Health Insurance (ASHI) and After-Service Life Insurance (ASLI) schemes, and the amount of monthly premium.  

If you are eligible, you have only 30 days beyond your separation date to join ASHI and ASLI.

Your Health Insurance contribution will be subtracted from your pension benefit. 

ASLI is free after retirement if eligibility requirements are met.

Official Document on ASHI: Secretariat Administrative Instruction (ST/AI/2007/3)

Official Document on ASLI: Secretariat Information Circular (ST/IC/2002/63)

Who is eligible for After Service Health Insurance?

For more exhaustive information, please refer to ST/AI/2007/3.

Retiring Staff:

  • Must be a staff member of the UN, UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS, UNFPA, UN WOMEN. Staff members retiring from the liaison offices of some UN System organizations who were covered through the Direct Billing Programme are also eligible for ASHI coverage.
  • Must be at least 55 years old or over;
  • Must be enrolled in a UN Health Insurance plan at the time of retirement;
  • Must elect to receive a monthly pension benefit. The pension may be deferred up to full retirement age, but withdrawal settlements make a retiring staff member ineligible for ASHI.
  • Must have at least 10 years of health insurance participation for subsidized ASHI participation.
    • For staff recruited prior to 1 July 2007: If less than 10 years of health insurance participation but more than 5 years of health insurance participation, the staff member is eligible for unsubsidized ASHI participation until the 10-year requirement is met. 
    • For those hired on or after 1 July 2007, the eligibility requirement is 10 years for eligibility and for subsidy. This means that such staff cannot continue their insurance coverage under ASHI unless they have accumulated 10 years of insurance participation at the time of retirement;

Staff members and dependants granted a disability benefit by the UNJSPF (age and participation requirements are waived in these cases).

Who is eligible to join ASLI life insurance?

Staff members retiring from UN, UNDP and UNICEF.  

All of the following must occur:

  • At least 55 years old at the time of retirement
  • Ten years cumulative participation as an active staff member
  • Participating in life insurance at the time of retirement  
  • Eligibility is determined by the Insurance Section at UNHQ.


Dependants covered at the time of the staff member’s retirement are eligible to continue their coverage provided:

  • The staff member applies for them when applying for ASHI;
  • Dependant children have not reached age 25 at the time of retirement, except in case of disability
  • That they have been covered for at least five years (or two years if they were covered by a government or private insurance) in the case of a staff member hired on or after 1 July 2007 (please see ST/AI/2007/3 for more details) except of course newly acquired dependants.
  • Surviving spouses and dependents of active or retired staff members are also eligible provided they were covered under the staff member’s policy at the time of his/her death.
  • The application time limit for Surviving spouses and children of staff members who die in service is of ninety (90) days following the staff member’s passing.


Your home country may have insurance options available to you.

In the USA, Medicare may be an option for you. For more information, see

In Austria, a health insurance plan provided under the Austrian social security scheme (Gebietskrankenkasse - GKK) provides coverage in Austria and most European countries and is available only to staff members who participate in this plan through UNOV/UNODC at the time of retirement. 

A combination of GKK and the Supplementary Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) of the UNOV/UNIDO group medical insurance plan is available only to staff members who participate in this combination at the time of retirement

Social Security Office, HR Management Service, Division for Management, UNOV/UNODC

If you wish to apply for a child's benefit for your daughter/son, it is recommended that you do so at least 6 months before your own separation. You would have to submit a detailed up-to-date medical report from her/his treating physician to the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Service. It must be established that the child is unmarried and incapable of substantial gainful employment. The Medical Service would then submit a recommendation to the UNJSPF Staff Pension Committee at New York Headquarters which decides on child disability cases.

For more information, contact


  • ASHI applications will be accepted within a sixty-two (62) day period (beginning 31 days before retirement through 31 days after retirement).
  • ASHI applications for dependent spouse or children will be accepted within ninety (90) days of the staff member's or retiree's death.
  • Participation in ASHI is effective the first of the month following the separation date.
  • Retirees are allowed to change their insurance plans once every two years but retirees relocating to the United States are required to switch to US plan.

Paperwork required: 

  • Approved separation Personnel Action (PA) or equivalent
  • Recent pay statement if payroll data is not on PA
  • Certification letter from your local HR office: (years covered under a UN-sponsored health plan, type of coverage at retirement, details regarding dependents covered, types of contracts while active)
  • Copy of the pension estimate from the Pension Fund if deferring pension

The ASHI Application Form can be downloaded here.

Submit to:

Insurance Section, FF-300, Ext. 3-5811


  • You must provide written notice to the Insurance Service with a request for any changes. 
  • Information relating to insurance should not be sent to the Pension Fund. However, change of address request must be sent to both the Insurance Service and the Pension Fund, since these two systems are not electronically linked in any way.
  • Any request for changes must be made by the primary insured and not any other person, unless you provide the Insurance Service with Power of Attorney authorization to do so.

Submit to:

All emails are tracked via iNeed and responses are sent from

Client service hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Wednesdays: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
FF-300 (3rd floor) 304 E. 45th St., New York, NY10017 USA

Frequently Asked Questions

The first month following your official separation date, if the application is made within 31 days of retirement and enrolment requirements are met.


Yes, your new number will reflect the change from active staff member group to retiree group. Once you receive your new card, please discard your old card.


No. All participants in the UN ASHI programme are required to have their premium contributions deducted on a monthly basis from their monthly pension benefit.


Yes, you may change insurance plans after two years of participation in your insurance plan by sending a written request to


ASHI coverage will cease if any of the following occur:

  • failure to remit the premium in full by the invoice date
  • when periodic disability or compensation benefits cease
  • when your covered child (if applicable) no longer qualifies due to marriage, full-time employment or reaches age 25
  • if you go back to active service with the UN and pensionable remuneration resumes (contact the insurance service for more information)
  • if your monthly pension benefit is suspended by the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
  • if you elect a full withdrawal of pension benefits

Contact with a copy of your pension figures (obtained from the Pension Fund). Your premium will be calculated based on these figures and you will be billed in 6-month intervals. Enrolment will not be done until 6 months worth of premiums have been received.

Before your disabled child/children over 25 can join ASHI, you must re-certify them by the UN Medical Service and by the Pension Fund at the time of retirement.

Normally, 2-3 months after retirement. This is because the Insurance Service has to wait for your retiree number and pension payroll information to become available from the Pension Fund. Your first premium will therefore be a cumulative retroactive amount.

ASHI cannot be processed without your separation PA. As long as the separation PA remains pending, your active insurance continues and you can continue to use your old insurance cards. Once the PA is finalised, you will be enrolled retroactively to the 1st of the month following your separation date and new cards will be mailed to you.

No, spouses from marriages after retirement do not qualify for ASHI.

You are encouraged to go on the ASHI website to read information on the plan, get claim forms, etc. (

You are advised to contact Medicare directly for any detailed information.