Career planning begins with your reflections on what you have accomplished so far in your working life, your skills, and what you envision for yourself. Once you have done this part, you will have insights and questions that you can discuss further with colleagues, your manager, and a career counsellor if you choose.


Setting career goals

One You are the most important element in your career portfolio.
If you have not done career planning before, start now. Once you have a plan, review it as you go and change or update your goals periodically.

Two Map out a direction that suits you.
A satisfying career can be envisioned in many different ways—specializing in an area of expertise; performing the same type of function in different departments; changing duty stations; or change to another organization. Career planning may not stop at retirement, as today many of us plan to be engaged in making some type of contribution for years to come.


Download the workbook, Taking Control of Your Career, to help you reflect on your career and map out steps to pursue goals you formulate. It is a personal tool designed to enable you to capture your notes on-screen and save as you go. Three parts - Career Planning and Advancement, Career Tools, and Career Transitions - have exercises and tips to help you create the path that is right for you.

Four Other career support tools you can draw on include the competency model and the competency development guide, dialogue with your manager and planning in the performance management context, the experiences of other colleagues, and the knowledge of the Organization that you build.

One-To-One Support
If you have completed the required online courses, an experienced external career advisor can offer a confidential, 30-minute one-to-one session to review your PHP and/or conduct a mock interview with you, through Skype. You must have completed:

  • The Preparing Written Applications E-course is a prerequisite to requesting the PHP review session with a counsellor
  • The Effective Interviewing E- course is a prerequisite to requesting the mock interview session with a counsellor

Register for the support sessions through inspira.
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