Dear staff member,

This search tool will enable you to understand to which of the nine (9) job network of the UN Secretariat you currently belong to.

This is important to understand for purposes of participation in a managed mobility exercise. As you may be aware, managed mobility exercises take place by job networks. This means that, if eligible, you can participate in a managed mobility exercise for your job network after reaching the position occupancy minimum or you will be automatically enrolled when you reach your position occupancy maximum. The managed mobility exercise is available only for FS, P and D categories.

This is particularly important for staff members in POLNET whose job network will be deployed under the new staffing system in 2016.

To find out:
If you are live in Umoja, click here

If you are not live in Umoja, please wait until the Integration Go Live for your entity.
If you are not sure whether you are live in Umoja, click here