To help you decide which option would be most useful to you, ask yourself these questions:



• Are you feeling stuck, unsure about how to advance in your career?
• Would you like to think beyond current career options and explore what else is possible?
• Do you need help completing your Personal History Profile (PHP) and cover letter?
• Would you like to practice for a job interview?



• Do you need advice on how to interact with your team, your managers or your supervisees?
• Would you like to feel more confident about providing performance feedback?
• Do you want to know how to handle difficult conversations more effectively?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider booking a session with a trained career counsellor/coach.

**For a limited time, starting January 2020, staff may avail of up to three sessions with a career counsellor/coach. (Previously there was a one-session limit).


Eligibility requirements:

Secretariat staff of all levels (General Service and related categories through senior leaders) with Fixed-Term, Continuing or Permanent appointments are eligible for this service.

Staff on temporary contracts, interns, consultants, and contractors are not eligible.


How to register for your audio skype session

Email to schedule an appointment. Let the coach know if you would like to sign up for career counselling or general coaching session.

How to get the most from your career counseling session

• If you want to improve your PHP, we strongly recommend that you complete the online self-paced Creating your Job Application/Profile course (LMS-1249)
• If you would like to prepare for an upcoming interview, we recommend you first complete
the online self-paced Competency-based Interview for Applicants course (LMS-1118)
• If you want help in creating your career development plan, or to discuss any other career
related topics, we recommend you first complete “knowing yourself” in the career workbook.

• Services are available via Skype in English, French, Spanish and German.