Have you ever talked to a career coach?

Now is your chance!

Global Secretariat staff can schedule up to 5 sessions per year with an external career coaching firm contracted by DMSPC/OHR.


Sessions are confidential the coach is not permitted to share the content of discussions with anyone.

The coaches can offer you feedback on these areas and more:

• Coping with the demands of remote working
• How to address feeling “stuck” in one’s career journey
• Dealing with difficult situations with colleagues or managers
Transitioning into a new position/team/duty station
• Holding performance conversations with supervisees
• Improving your PHP
• Interview practice

How to register for your session

Email uncareercoaching@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.  Sessions can be held using Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Please specify if you would like a session in English, French, Spanish or German.


Eligibility requirements

Secretariat staff of all levels (General Service and related categories through senior leaders) with Temporary, Fixed-Term, Continuing or Permanent appointments are eligible for this service.

Interns, consultants and contractors are not eligible.


Video Testimonials

Hear from some participants!


Samir Mahmoud, Programme Officer, CERF, OCHA – New York                      Juliet Braslow, Economic Affairs Officer, Office of the Executive Secretary, ESCAP - Bangkok


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