2023 Programme


How does it work?



UN Coaching programme 


Need help on a specific challenge or goal in your professional life? Want to try coaching?


The UN Coaching programme connects UN Secretariat staff who seek coaching with staff who are certified coaches or have formal coach training. This programme is not active at this time. Check back for updates in April 2024.

Coaching: why try it?

  • Tackle a challenge

As a client in this programme you get the chance to talk about key challenges or goals in your professional life with a colleague trained and/or certified in coaching. Consider discussing your career goals or roadblocks, leadership/management challenges, team struggles, pre-retirement planning or other issues of your choosing.

  • Gain new perspectives

Coaching can offer you new insights and perspectives about yourself, first and foremost, but also about your colleagues and the opportunities around you. Coaches are trained to ask you questions and conduct conversations in a way that helps you identify solutions and develop action plans.

  • Make progress toward your goals

If you are ready to take concrete actions toward reaching your goals – try coaching!  The process of talking with a coach about what you want to achieve and how you’ll do it can have powerful effects.


Email peercoaching@un.org to receive programme updates and registration information. 

An information session for prospective coaches was held on 9 December 2022. Please review it if you'd like to hear about the coaching role


UN Secretariat staff members serving on temporary, fixed-term, continuing, and permanent appointments are eligible for the pilot UN Coaching Programme that will run from February through June 2023. All other categories of personnel (consultants, individual contractors, UNVs, interns, military personnel, etc.) are not eligible for now.




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