Take a peek at the UN Learning Centre!



Last week just in time for the spring semester, the new Learning Centre for Multilingualism and Career Development opened its doors to welcome eager learners at United Nations Headquarters. Multilingual staff are essential to the work of the Organization, where English and French are the working languages as established in Resolution 2(I) on 1 February 1946. Career development is offered to enhance the skills and competencies of staff members as a means to meet the changing needs of the Organization.

The new space, which had suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012, has been renovated. It now features modern language classrooms, computer labs and lounge areas for students who are learning one of the official UN languages or attending communication skills courses.

After being in make-shift classrooms at different locations, the Learning Centre finally brings all learners together in one friendly and expansive area with a large atrium letting in natural light. It will also serve as the “base” where webinars on a variety of learning courses may take place and reach students in different locations.

Language courses in the official UN languages are offered to staff free of cost to promote linguistic balance and multilingualism and to improve their language capability. Additional communication skills training is offered to improve work-related writing and presentation skills.

The Learning Centre will also promote career development through diverse activities and workshops to be held in its facilities. Career development opportunities support both individual and institutional growth and performance to meet organizational needs. 

Where can I find more information about Multilingualism and the Language and Communications Programme?

How can I get to the new Learning Centre?

The new Learning Centre is situated in the former print shop underneath the UN’s North Lawn. There are three ways to reach it (see attached floor map):

  • From the 1st floor of the GA Building: take the elevators by the UN Meditation Room, go to 3B and follow the blue signs to the Learning Centre.   
  • From the elevators in the Conference Building:  go to 2B and follow the blue signs. 
  • From the 1st floor of the Secretariat Building: take the stairs near the lobby café (stairway F) to 2B and follow the blue signs. 

Visitors should note that the dismantling of the North Lawn Building is still ongoing and may cause the occasional noise. Your understanding is much appreciated. 

The map to access the Learning Centre is available here : PDF icon maps_to_unlc.pdf

To watch the video of the learning centre: https://vimeo.com/168353245