The midpoint review is an opportunity to assess your supervisees' progress, give formal feedback on what went well and which areas need improvement. Any needed updates to the workplan should be done at this time. Remember to talk about the progress made toward your colleague's personal development plan.


one Set a time for in-person discussion
Give informal feedback on an continual basis but the midpoint review is a formal step in the process and you need to allocate dedicated time for it.

two Prepare by looking over the results of the year so far
Note any changes in circumstances or priorities that affect the original performance goals.

three Have a full discussion 
Acknowledge areas which are going well and develop strategies for areas that need improvement.

four Make any amendments
Consider areas where additional support or resources might be necessary for the remainder of the year’s workplan and goals.

five Continue to monitor progress and give feedback
Feedback is welcome and motivating when things go well and it is also critical to help get performance back on track.