The global HR team works in partnership at all levels to enable leaders, managers, and staff at large to develop and maintain a responsive, results-oriented organizational culture known for high performance and managerial excellence. Our aim is to model the transparency, responsibility, accountability, and fairness embedded in the principles of the Organization we all serve.  

HR Partner – a new name for a familiar role

You know us by titles like HR Officer and Administrative Officer and find us in OHR, Executive Offices, ‘front’ offices, ‘personnel sections’ and other units where the work of getting people on board, seeing that staff are paid and receive benefits, developing learning and monitoring performance is carried out. The new name reinforces our goal – to partner with staff and managers for HR-related service.

HR Partnership in action

OHR - Central authority

  • Strategic HR objectives
  • Advise the Secretary-General
  • Lead the development and implementation of policy, programmes, procedures, supporting systems and tools
  • Communicate with and give voice to staff

HR Partners - Client service

  • Manage and monitor the implementation of HR policies and programmes
  • Advise departments and offices
  • Support managers and staff in achieving high performance

Senior Leaders - Envision the workforce

  • Review functional profiles as mandates change and evolve
  • Direct the achievement of organizational HR objectives
  • Set the tone at the top

Managers - Develop the workforce

  • Recruit, coach and build the skills needed to achieve the mandates
  • Embody the principles and values of the Organization in managing the staff
  • Manage and evaluate the performance of staff

Staff members - Empowered to achieve

  • Use the HR Portal and related tools for many HR services
  • Take charge of their careers
  • Deliver the results through high performance


Contacting your HR Partner

  • For most HR-related services, the best course is to first consult the relevant pages of the HR Portal and the HR Factsheets and proceed with that guidance.
  • The names and contact information for the HR Partner(s) serving your duty station are found on the local iSeek or your department/office intranet.