CBI Training for Panel Members


UN Competency-Based Interviews (CBI) Training for Panel Members

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It gives staff members a comprehensive introduction to competency-based interviewing requirements for panel members.

This self-paced online course came about through a partnership between the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) and the Office of Human Resources in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC).

Staff can sign up online and complete it at their own pace. Participants will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of competency-based interviews
  • Learn about their roles as panel members
  • Access interview questions and useful templates

​The course can be completed in 4-5 hours, or staff can complete it more slowly, over a maximum of two months. It includes a certificate of completion, which is a requirement for staff to serve on interview panels. Please note that CBI is also a mandatory module in the new e-Management Certificate.

Why move to an online version?

  • The new format will enable staff to take CBI training at any time and from anywhere.
  • It will end wait-times staff have experienced because many duty stations cannot provide in-person training at short notice.
  • Moving to online training also helps address COVID-19 disruptions.

Eligibility requirements

  • UN Secretariat staff with fixed-term, continuing or permanent contracts
  • Scheduled or expected to participate as an interview panel member


Certificate of Completion

  • The online course will generate a certificate upon completion. Staff should use this certificate to prove that they are CBI-trained.
  • Completion status will also be reflected in Inspira but there will be a lag time of 1-3 months. Once reflected, staff can go to Inspira-My Learning to "print" the CBI certificate.

Questions and Help

  • For technical and content-related questions, contact emc@unssc.org.
  • For eligibility and HR-related questions, contact your Executive Office or HR section.
  • For more information, email learning@un.org.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Some duty stations may offer an in-person version; check with your Executive/Administrative office for more information.

There is high demand for the CBI for panel members programme across global duty stations. This is due to the requirement that all interview panel members be trained in the technique. It was difficult and expensive for HR/learning teams to fulfill the demand. With an online programme, staff can take the course from anywhere and at any time.

If you have comments or questions about the content of the programme write to learning@un.org.

In terms of questions or concerns about interview practices, staff should seek guidance from their Executive/Administrative office.

Although it is not a requirement, staff should repeat the programme every 3-5 years as a refresher.

There is no coaching session after the programme. However, you may be interested in getting interview practice/assistance through this separate coaching programme offered by OHR.



The online CBI programme is available as part of the suite of courses in the eManagement Certificate. You may access the course through the Blue Line learning hub or through this dedicated web page on the Staff College site.

There is no fee for eligible Secretariat staff.

No, registration must be done through the United Nations System Staff College website. Note: the Inspira learning management system has a listing for the in-person CBI programme. Some duty stations may still offer in-person versions of the programme; the Inspira listing is associated for those instances.



  • Secretariat staff with fixed-term, continuing or permanent contracts who will serve on an interview panel are required to take this programme.
  • Other staff with fixed-term, continuing or permanent appointments who are interested in this subject and may serve on a panel at some point in the future may also do the programme.
  • Staff members with temporary contracts, along with interns, consultants and contractors are not eligible for this programme.

Staff from UN agencies, funds and programmes can access the online CBI for panel members on a for-pay basis ($750) through this web page. Separately, the Secretariat has an arrangement with the Staff College through which all Secretariat staff can access online CBI for panel members though a separate, distinct web page. The programme is available at no cost to Secretariat staff or their departments/entities.



Yes, the online programme will generate a certificate upon completion. Staff should use this certificate to prove that they are CBI-trained.

Your completion status will be reflected in Inspira but there will be a lag time of 1-3 months. This is due to the need to transfer records from the Staff College’s system to Inspira. Go to Inspira-My Learning to check the status.

Either certificate can be used but we recommend using the one from the online programme itself. You will have this in hand right away upon completing the course on the Staff College site. The record of completion and corresponding certificate will take a few months to be reflected in Inspira. This is due to the need to transfer records from the Staff College’s system to Inspira.



If a Secretariat panel includes a non-Secretariat staff member that needs training, the person can arrange to take the programme through a separate web page that is available to staff from UN agencies, funds and programmes, available here.

No. Interview note-takers, ex-officio members and administrative support staff who may be present during an interview do not need to complete CBI for panel members.