Establishing a workplan at the start of the performance cycle is critical, as it is the foundation for the results that you expect to achieve. Encourage your supervisees to collaborate on this process as it will help ensure commitment to carrying out the plan's goals. The workplanning process is also the time to discuss individual development goals for your supervisees.


one  Set goals, related actions and success criteria
 Goals should link to the goals of the section/unit, to the departmental work plan, and ultimately to the Organization's objectives.


 Agree on a personal development plan
 Assist the staff member in selecting the competencies they wish to develop.

three  Take advantage of challenges for growth
 UN staff members must quickly adapt to a variety of challenges and assignments, and managers are encouraged to create opportunities for staff members  to test and develop new competencies and skills.

four  Continue the dialogue
 Ensure that you discuss how the workplan contributes to the goals of your section and Department throughout the cycle. Shifts in priorities or new goals should be communicated immediately and the work plan should be adjusted as needed.