Frequently Asked Questions

Can a staff member on a temporary appointment apply for the YPP examination?

If you are a temporary contract holder in the General Service and related categories and would like to apply for the G to N examination, you will be allowed to apply as an internal applicant in inspira on an exceptional basis. If your contract is currently not valid until six months after the examination date (date noted in the job opening), you MUST attach a letter to your online application from your Executive Office stating the intent to renew your contract until at least that date.

I understand my accrued annual leave will not be available until 5 June 2015 (for duty stations deploying Umoja in June). How do I apply for leave during that period?

Leave Balances:  On Day 1, staff members are able to check all leave balances, with the exception of Annual Leave, and apply for various leave, again with the exception of Annual Leave, from the Portal.

Annual Leave balances as of 31 May will be loaded in Umoja on 4 June 2015.  Therefore, staff members must note that their Annual Leave balances and the ability to request Annual Leave will not be available until 5 June 2015.

What information should I check on day 1 of Umoja deployment at my duty station?

Prior to Day 1, staff members are encouraged to activate their Unite Identity Account and set up a permanent password.  They are also strongly encouraged (and sometimes required) to familiarize themselves with Umoja Self-Service functionality by taking Umoja Self-Service tutorials, which are available on Umoja website.

What are the most common/typical Umoja transactions?

The deployment of the first extension of Umoja deals with transactions related to personnel administration, entitlements, benefits, time management, payroll, and travel

Example 1:

All staff will be responsible for entering their leave in Umoja. If a staff member is out of the office (e.g. sick leave or annual leave), the staff member must record the absence through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.  The supervisor will be notified of the entry and will need to review and it will be routed to the right person for approval.

Example 2:

Where does the data from Umoja come from? What should I do after logging in?

Personal and financial Information about staff will be converted from the current system, IMIS.  There will be a “blackout” period where no changes will be permitted in IMIS during this conversion.

In addition, personal addresses and emergency contact information are converted from Inspira, if available and if no data is found in Inspira the IMIS data is converted.  The last day for a staff member to make changes to address and emergency contact information in Inspira that will be transferred to Umoja is 15 May 2015 (for duty stations deploying Umoja in June 2015).