Frequently Asked Questions

I was entitled to retire at 60/62 prior to the introduction of the new ‘MAS’ (mandatory age of separation). Will this change in ‘MAS’ affect the age that I can claim an early retirement from the fund and if so, how?

The new MAS will not affect the age that can be used to claim an early retirement benefit for those staff members who used to have a mandatory age of separation of 60/62 as they will retain their rights to avail of early retirement benefit at age 55 or between 55 and 60/62.

I joined before 1 January 1990/2014 and will reach 60/62 years old on or after 1 January 2018. What do I need to do if I want to leave before reaching 65 years of age and can this right be exercised any time after 1 January 2018?

Staff members who wish to leave before reaching 65 years old are required, at a minimum, to provide employing organizations a written notice period of:

  • one month for fixed term appointments (FTA)
  • three months for permanent or continuing appointment holders (PA/CA)

My fixed-term appointment was due to expire on reaching mandatory retirement age at 60/62. Now that my mandatory retirement age has been extended, what should i expect?

Now that the mandatory retirement age has been extended to 65 for all staff, there is no longer a requirement for you to cease employment with the Organization at age 60/62. Your renewal/extension may be approved subject to meeting other conditions for renewal/extension specified in ST/AI/2013/1