Frequently Asked Questions

What are career paths?

A career path is the pattern of moves completed by a staff member, be it laterally/vertically, within the same or across job families, geographically or within the same duty station. Career paths within the Organization are unique and reflect each staff member’s professional aspirations, background and experiences. Click here for more information on actual career paths taken by UN staff members.

How long can I expect to remain on the list of successful candidates?

The YPP list of successful candidates is valid for a period of three (3) years. We hope to place all successful candidates within this time frame, but if you are not placed you will be removed from the list. Should you remain interested in the Young Professionals Programme, you will be required to retake and successfully pass the YPP examination.

I passed the written part of the YPP examination but failed the oral examination. Do I need to repeat both parts of the examination at a subsequent examination?

Yes, you will have to go through the entire examination process again, starting with the submission of your application. The YPP examination is comprised of both a written and oral examination, and results from one examination year do not carry over to another examination year.

I am a staff member with dual nationality. Can I apply for the YPP examination with either nationality, or do I have to apply according to what the UN currently recognizes as my nationality?

Secretariat staff from the General Service and related categories and Field Service staff on FS-5 and below who are applying to the YPP examination as a staff member, or through the route referred to as ‘G to N’, should apply using the nationality that is already officially recognized by the United Nations in official documents received when joining the Organization.