Frequently Asked Questions

What are career paths?

A career path is the pattern of moves completed by a staff member, be it laterally/vertically, within the same or across job families, geographically or within the same duty station. Career paths within the Organization are unique and reflect each staff member’s professional aspirations, background and experiences. Click here for more information on actual career paths taken by UN staff members.

As of the eligibility date, I had a disciplinary measure imposed on me, but I am appealing the decision through the UN Dispute Tribunal. Will I be eligible for consideration of a continuing appointment?

In accordance with section 2.1(f) of ST/SGB/2011/9, a staff member must not have been subject to any disciplinary measure during the five years preceding the eligibility date. Therefore, if a staff member had a disciplinary measure imposed in the five years preceding the eligibility date, the staff member would not be eligible for consideration at that review, even if an appeal is in progress as of the eligibility date. Should the disciplinary measure be rescinded after the eligibility date, the staff member may be considered in the next review, provided all other criteria are met.

Does time spent working on a temporary assignment count towards the five years of continuous service required to be eligible for a continuing appointment?

The required five years of continuous service must have been completed without any break in service.

Time spent working under a temporary appointment does not count towards the five years of continuous service given that temporary appointments cannot be converted to fixed-term appointments and staff members separate from the organization upon expiration of the temporary appointment.

One of the eligibility requirements for continuing contracts is “appointment through a competitive process”. What does that mean?

Appointment through a competitive process means that you have been selected for a position via established procedures including review by a central review body that was established by the Secretary-General or through a competitive examination (such as NCRE or G to P). Field central review bodies were established for peacekeeping operations and special political missions in 2009. 

I can log into inspira using a staff account but when I go to the menu for continuing appointments, it tells me that only some staff have been given access. Can I still request access to review my record even if I am not eligible?

No. Only staff pre-identified as potentially eligible have been given access to the continuing appointment menu in inspira.

Staff members who believe they are eligible and have not received an email notification of their eligibility for review should contact their Executive Office or local HR office to request review for inclusion by the deadline of 31 October 2017. No requests will be considered beyond this date.