Career coaching Career coaching is offered by the Organization to help you make career-related decisions and manage career-related issues. Click here for more information.

Mentoring Mentoring is a developmental relationship between two staff members that provides career support and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and organizational culture. Click here for more information.

Job-shadowing Job-shadowing is an informal learning option that can help you gain insight into another area of responsibility within your duty station. Click here for more information.

Cross-training Cross-training is an informal learning option that can help you enhance your skills, knowledge and competencies. Click here for more information.

Sabbatical Leave programme If you have five years of service in the UN Secretariat, you may be eligible for sabbatical leave, which gives you the opportunity to enhance your career by undertaking a work-related research or study project in a recognized institution. Click here for more information.

UN learning catalogue The Organization offers a range of learning resources to help you develop your knowledge, competencies, and professional skills. You can find information here about the various in-house learning options.

Upgrading of substantive and technical skills You may participate in workshops, research seminars, online courses and other external learning opportunities if certain conditions are met, including funding availability. Click here for more information.

Manager’s toolkit To support you in your role as manager, the Organization has developed a “Manager’s Toolkit” that includes extensive information on a range of managerial skills as well as “just-in-time” self-study resources. These include key facts, links to learning programmes, relevant UN web pages and external resources. Click here to access the Manager’s Toolkit.

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