Frequently Asked Questions

If I become sick while on annual leave, how should this be reported and subsequently recorded for time and attendance purposes?

Sick leave during annual leave may be approved if a staff member is ill for more than five consecutive working days (not including weekends or holidays), in any seven day period while on annual leave, including home leave, provided that the sick leave is certified. If the illness does not cover at least five consecutive working days, the entire duration of absence is considered annual leave.

What are my chances of actually getting a Professional job if I pass the YPP examination?

If you pass the YPP examination, you will most likely be offered a job. The number of candidates that pass is closely linked to the positions that are projected to become available. Each year, only the number of candidates that match the projected vacancies plus 10 % is passed. Consequently, passing the examination does not guarantee a job but is likely. Offers are made quarterly to successful candidates and are subject to the requirements of the Organization.

When do staff require medical clearance? Specifically, when is a medical examination required, especially for those staff working in a field mission?

Medical clearance is required for initial appointment and for travel purposes normally every two years. In addition to travel, to maintain medical clearance for the purposes of transfer and/or, reassignment travel medical evaluation will be required every two years, irrespective of age.